Sunday, 29 March 2009

My reason...

I haven't posted in a little while... BECAUSE OF FALCON

Tuesday, 23 December 2008


My greetings to you, stranger.

I am Azadeh Lawliet. Once, I was a proud defender of the Amarr Empire. I knew my place, and I was firm in my belief that our way was the right way. Until my eyes were opened, and I realised the truth.

The Amarr are scum. They are nothing but pious, self-righteous slavers. They care for nothing but their foolish pride. One day, that may be their downfall. I feel no remorse when battling pilots of Amarr descent who embrace slavery and self-importance. There are, of course, Amarr who - like myself - will not abide such foolishness. Especially not him. Kalazar Zachan.

I digress. That story is for another time. All you need know for the moment, is that he plays quite the part in my life.

Just know that I am no longer willing to lay down my life for the 'glorious' and 'true' Empire. I washed my hands of that mess long ago. Now, the only thing that matters, is the heat of battle, and the rewards it can bring.

My story will continue, and my history will be known. Read on, if you wish. For now, I leave you.

Azadeh Lawliet